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An Alternative Vision Aid

People are motivated to wear contact lenses for different reasons. Whether you’d prefer to be free of frames, or want to have a different eye colour, there’s a good chance we have a lens suited to you. As independent opticians, we have no affiliation or bias toward a particular company or brand. That means the lenses we recommended for you will always be the best for your requirements.

Contact Lenses: Are You Suitable?

Not everyone is suitable for contact lenses. For this reason, our optometrists will closely assess and measure your eyes. This helps us to determine a lens that is suitable for you.

Types of Contact Lens

  • Dailies: These May be Worn for a Day and Disposed at the End of the Day
  • Fortnightly / Monthly: These May be Cleaned and Stored in a Solution for Longer Use
  • Extended Wear: These May be Worn Day and Night for 28 Consecutive Days (Depending on the Lens Type)
  • Rigid Gas Permeable: These Are a Good Option for People Who Want Crisp Vision but Are Allergic to Traditional Lenses
  • Cosmetic Lenses: These Changes Change Your Eye Colour
  • Multifocal Lenses

We can offer free coloured contact lens trials following a lens assessment

Freshlook™ Cosmetic Lenses

Eye Care Optical Limited is one of the largest suppliers of Freshlook cosmetic lenses in North West England. Our optometrists will take the measurements needed to ensure your eyes are suitable for these lenses. The assessment will also make sure you receive lenses with an optimal fit. 

What colour lens will you go for? Whether you want to enjoy a bold change that makes a statement, or a subtle, refined colour alteration, we’re sure to provide the lens for you.

Domiciliary Service

If you are housebound, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to receive an eye examination at home from one of our visiting opticians. This is a free service, but the NHS requires that you be housebound.

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